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Surface Sampling for USP <797> Compliance Live Training is a 4-hour, lecture-based, remote, live training. This Pure Primer is designed to provide the necessary training for sterile compounding personnel to collect their own viable surface samples. It is appropriate for those who are responsible for the viable surface sampling program and those who would be performing the sampling. These individuals could be pharmacists or pharmacy technicians. Training covers USP General Chapter <797> surface sampling requirements and focuses on industry best practices.

Remote Training Description, Learning Objectives, and Agenda

After registering for the training, attendees have the option to purchase a discounted Stratix Labs Enverify Surface Sampling Competency Kit. Shipping costs, sample incubation, and sample analysis are included in the cost. To learn more about the Enverify Kit, click here.


Additional information


01/30/2024 – 12:00pm ET, 02/28/2024 – 12:00pm ET, 03/18/2024 – 12:00pm ET, 04/29/2024 – 12:00pm ET