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Reading Media is a remote, live 2-hour training, utilizing both lecture and hands-on activities. It is designed to provide the necessary training for sterile compounding personnel to analyze viable air, surface, and gloved fingertip samples and media-fill tests. It is appropriate for those who are responsible for the viable sampling program and those who would be reading media. Training covers industry best practices.

Remote Training Description, Learning Objectives, and Agenda

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01/31/2024 – 1:00pm ET, 02/29/2024 – 1:00pm ET, 03/19/2024 – 1:00pm ET, 04/30/2024 – 1:00pm ET, 05/28/2024 – 1:00pm ET, 06/14/2024 – 1:00pm ET, 07/26/2024 – 1:00pm ET, 08/28/2024 – 1:00pm ET, 09/27/2024 – 1:00pm ET, 10/29/2024 – 1:00pm ET, 11/21/2024 – 1:00pm ET, 12/16/2024 – 1:00pm ET