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Colony Enumeration Proficiency Assessment Product Image

Colony Enumeration Proficiency Assessment

Price: $179
Get the third-party documentation you need to show proficiency in counting colonies! Pure Proficiency’s Colony Enumeration Proficiency Assessment delivers an in-hand assessment without use of live microbial samples. This state-of-the-art proficiency test eliminates the potential for conflicting counts and takes the guesswork out of assessing staff. Each plate used in the Colony Enumeration Proficiency Assessment is verified for accuracy before it is placed into circulation.

How It Works

  1. Ordering: Purchase the required number of assessments, one for each analyst to be tested. One 20-plate proficiency set will be sent for every 5 individuals being assessed.
  2. Receipt of Materials: Pure Proficiency sends you the proficiency set(s) and a data sheet for each individual assessed.
  3. Set Details: Each proficiency set contains 20 plates, with counts ranging from 0 CFU to 50 CFU.
  4. Assessment Process: Individuals complete the assessment, email the results to Pure Proficiency, and return the proficiency set using the provided shipping label.
  5. Passing Criteria: A passing status is determined when 18 out of 20 plates yield results within the range of 93% to 107% of the known value.
  6. Report and Certification: Pure Proficiency provides a report and a certificate of proficiency if the individual passes the assessment.
  7. Certificate Validity: The credential is valid for one year from the date of the assessment.

Click here for our full Colony Enumeration Proficiency Assessment instructions.

Price and What’s Included

$179/individual assessment
$125 for each additional assessment, up to a maximum of 5 assessments

Each purchase of an individual assessment includes:

  • 20-plate proficiency set
  • Shipping costs
  • Results report
  • Certificate of proficiency for the individual, upon passing

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What People are Saying

“Pure Microbiology’s Colony Enumeration Proficiency Assessment sets have revolutionized meeting in-house microbial testing and reporting needs. The experience they provide is nothing short of remarkable. The agar plates offer a level of realism that’s unparalleled, truly resembling real-life samples that may be captured in some environments. This greatly enhances the educational value of the proficiency sets. These proficiency sets are incredibly easy to use, even for staff members with minimal experience. The instructions provided are clear and straightforward, ensuring that everyone can confidently conduct microbial assessments with precision and accuracy. Results are received shortly after submitting documentation of completion. Thanks to Pure Microbiology, the industry will now have access to a practical and effective tool for honing their skills in CFU counting. I wholeheartedly recommend these proficiency sets to any facilities or individuals looking to improve their in-house microbial testing and recovering capabilities.”

-Dan Kyes, CPhT, CSPT, BCSCPT, Regional Pharmacy Training and Quality Specialist

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