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A lab professional cleans and disinfects surfaces

The concepts of cleaning and disinfection seem simple; however, they can be very confusing, especially when it comes to choosing agents. This 3-part series of articles addresses many of the cleaning and disinfection myths and inconsistencies associated with USP <797>, which typically lead to noncompliant practices. General concepts of cleaning, frequency, agents, and techniques are discussed. These articles set the groundwork for a successful cleaning and disinfection program.

Read Part 1 – Principles that Drive Effective Cleaning Pharmacy Purchasing & Products March 2020 – Vol. 17 No. 3

Read Part 2 – Practices to Drive Effective Cleaning Pharmacy Purchasing & Products June 2020 – Vol. 17 No. 6

Read Part 3 – Answers to Common Cleaning Questions Pharmacy Purchasing & Products September 2020 – Vol. 17 No. 9

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